1 About the Group

The Devizes Writers’ Group is for people who enjoy writing. ┬áSome members have been published, some write just for their own amusement and pleasure. We count poets, storytellers, playwrights and biographers amongst our members.

The group has a maximum of 20 members. There is no chairman, and precious few rules. New members are very welcome if we have capacity, and when membership is full we operate a waiting list.

For details of forthcoming meetings, see Coming Events.

The posts listed on the left give some idea of what we have been doing lately.

For more information, or if you would like to attend a meeting to see what we are about, please email devizeswriters@gmail.com.




2 thoughts on “1 About the Group”

  1. Richard B Walker said:

    It would be good if you have space available to join your writing group. I write short stories but only when inspired . But I find them therapeutic and I also draw relevant pictures to the stories to make them more accessible . I notice that Bob Dylan has recently started illustrated his song writing with drawings. My drawings are very similar to his with perhaps even less detail so peoples imagination can fill in the gaps. I live near Netheravon so could access Devizes regularly.

  2. I have sent you an email, and hope to meet you soon

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