3 Coming events


DWG1 meet in the Addington Suite at the Bear.


The next DWG1 is on June 28th, with Simon in the chair.  His homework subject is ‘Cooking One’s Goose’ although these words do not need to appear within it.

As your webmaster (?mistress) is on her travels, here is a sneak preview of the next homework, set by Ro, for the meeting on 26th July.  It is ‘Well, do you want it or not?’

DWG2 will meet at Ro’s on June 12th.

Next Publications Group meeting will be in early September, date to be announced, at the Black Swan.

The Christmas Party will be held on 29th July at Annie’s house, from 12.30.  Could be a good idea to car share?






2 thoughts on “3 Coming events”

  1. Sheila Mitchell said:

    What time is the meeting at the Crown Centre?

  2. 7.30. If you intend to come could you email us at devizeswriters@gmail.com. And it would be good if you had a crack at the homework, but that is not compulsory. We read it out at meetings, but it is not as scary as that might sound!

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