2 Meetings

There are three types of Devizes Writers’  Group meeting.

DWG1 meets on the 4th Thursday in the month.  From January 2018 this will take place in the Addington Suite of the Bear Hotel, at 7.30 p.m.  Members take it in turns to set the ‘homework’ topic.  This could be a title, an opening sentence, an idea or a picture to inspire creativity, and it is amazing how varied interpretations of a word or phrase can be.  At the meeting the homework is read out by the author, so contributions have to be fairly short.  Doing the homework is not obligatory.

DWG2 provides greater feedback on written work, and is of interest to those writing with publicaton in mind.  Meetings are held at a mutually agreed date roughly midway between DWG1 meetings, in members’ homes, in the afternoon.

The Publications Group, started by Mike Williams, was inspired, perhaps rather grandiosely, by the meetings of folks like Hemmingway, Sartre, James Joyce, Picasso and Gertrude Stein at Les Deux Magots Cafe in St-Germain-des-Prés. Mike  thought something similar would be ideal for DWG!

So the Pubs Group is a monthly working-man’s/woman’s version of the literatis’ scintillating discussions on the world of letters, literature and the arts. Members are all from DWG who are primarily interested in becoming published. Most discussions are about the advantages and drawbacks to self-publishing, exploring the technology involved in becoming published, via both e-books and conventional books and the tools and techniques of publicising the arrival of your book and stimulating its commercial progress in the market-place. The emphasis of discussions is primarily d-i-y publishing.  This group meets at the Black Swan.


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  1. I miss you guys

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