In an idle moment, Roz emailed Roger saying she had just walked past his house, and what a shame we could no longer drop in on people for light refreshment. His response was the offer of a cherry bakewell and glass of amontillado, left on the doorstep, if notice was given of an impending visit.

What would others leave outside for passing writers? Robin would offer beer and pickled onions. Richard possibly slightly missed the point, as seemed to be ordering beer and a bonio for his dog Digby. Pass Annie’s house and you will be treated to a cinnamon whirl, and just down the road Ro will serve up tea cakes in the morning, lemon drizzle in the afternoon both with beverages, and in the evening mulled cider and crisps. Both Annie and Jan will serve you hot chocolate, Jan’s with a slug of rum.

For more savoury fare, don’t miss Brenda’s brie and ham croque monsieur, and while you are there take a nip of whisky off Mike, with a peanut. Or Liz is up for a full English, without the egg (sorry, could not find a picture of that). Lucy’s offerings were too lavish to illustrate, but will be delivered to the passing writer in a way similar to that used by the Monks of Meteora.

Roz’s doorstep will yield apple strudel and a cup of tea, and Vicky’s is probably a better bet as she is offering chocolate torte and Calvados.

Don’t know why we bother with writing. We would run a lovely cafe.