An astonished Roz Ambler, still gobsmacked, receives the Trophy from Becky Edgington

“I had a terrible time thinking about what to write with the Under the Bed theme”, she said “At first I thought about someone trapped under a bed after an earthquake, terribly thirsty,  in some foreign hotel, but that seemed too scary and anyway, what do I know about earthquakes?  Then I remembered once waking up under my bed, aged about 4, after some mighty strange sleepwalking, but that did not a story make.  In the end I went for popular culture, displaying my secret vice of watching day time telly, and sprinkled in a bit of porn for good measure.

“I have put the Trophy in a prominent position, and Sybil will be remembered fondly every day for the next year.”

The nom de plume award went to Mike Williams, who wrote as Hugh Jeffort.