What could be nicer on a grey, wet September Sunday than to enjoy the company of DWG members at the annual Christmas Party?

IMG_0623 - Copy

We are indebted to Ro and Peter Wilson, who kindly hosted the event – and there is no truth in the rumour that they were confined to the kitchen, on waiting duty.

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Jenni and Brenda enjoyed some girl talk …


IMG_0620 - Copy

 … while Robin and Francis set the world to rights.


It was curious that Liz, Jill, Sandra, Ken, Annie and Pete all managed not to notice Mike’s attempt to leave via the window.



Annette and Warren were having a good time…….


…. but did Camilla actually believe the tale Simon was relating?


Rosanagh, Roz and Mark were clearly amused by something.


Lucy wins the prize for entering into the spirit of the thing, as she was the only person to observe the dress code.