This is being circulated early as Roz will be away.  Set by Liz, you are invited to write something inspired by this old postcard:

The other side is handwritten:


If you find the writing hard to read, here is a transcript:

Sat night

So good of you to ring up re guides – as usual I was silly on the phone – wanted to ask if all was well with you & G & T. hope so –  also specially to hope you had another bit (?) but don’t expect it over w / e. Got here in good time. One or two of the old gang are here and all very pleasant. Mr. P is a super lecturer, perfect and you wd appreciate his sense of humour & diction. I cd hear every word and was quite far back. Car in a very posh garage. No more to tell. Breakfast at 8 so must belt up. L & A xxxx