Simon has set the subject ‘A death on the island’ for the 2017 Amor Trophy.  Entries do not need to be in before January 31st 2017.

An earlier post on the rules from last year seems to have slipped out of sight, so here they are again:

Entries should be a maximum of 2500 words and can be poetry or prose.  The author’s name should not be on the manuscript, but you are invited to submit under a nom de plume if you like, and the best pseudonym will win a prize.

Judges have told us in the past that page numbers are essential.  Judges sometimes refer to a certain query when discussing a piece. Unnumbered pages means the judge has to go through and number pages.  In a competition, you need to do everything you can to help your piece be viewed favourably.  Irking the judge is not to be recommended!

By the same token, the pieces have to be differentiated from one another and the same title used repeatedly doesn’t help your piece stand out from the crowd.  Remember that advice about not irking the judges?

 Using the given phrase as a title shows a lack of imagination, and effort.  As a general rule in this competition, the most promising pieces had a fresh title.

In any competition you have to make your piece stand out from the crowd, hopefully in a good way.  A well-worn theme has to be spectacularly written if it is to stand a chance.  Why stack the odds against you?

So, for the 2017 Trophy, please number your pages!  Send the entry as an attachment via email to

Closing date for entries is 31st January 2017.   Winner will be announced in March.