On September 13th we ran a workshop on writing about the senses of touch, smell, taste, feeling and sound.  Naturally this involved some serious writing, as being done here by Lucy, Elke and Alf


To write about smells, you need some things to sniff



Taken out of context, in unmarked pots, some things were hard to identify.

Ann ran the Touchy Feely section, hiding a range of things in bags for us to fumble with, and then write something based on the experience.   Ken’s bag contained jelly cubes, which sent Brenda off piste, remembering getting her son interested in science by showing him how jelly cubes thrown at a window would stick.


After exploring the sense of taste over lunch at the Black Swan, Simon had us thinking about sounds, particularly bells.img_0085

Liz ended the day feeding us with sherbet lemons, and extracting over 30 ways of describing them from the participants.  She then had us revising and improving upon clichés, before finishing with us creating new made up words.

The workshop was in no way an anticappointment.