Simon writes:

On Saturday the 27th February Mike and Annie ran a successful and well attended workshop. It was an innovation for us to have a Saturday event, and it was gratifying that ten members showed up for a hard day’s work, punctuated for most by a pleasant lunch at the Peppermill.

The theme was “Adding depth to your writing.” Mike and Annie gave a series of presentations, punctuated by well chosen exercises, on the psychology behind the behaviour we all write about. The approach was that if you have a good insight into the motivations and behaviour of your characters, you will write better dialogue and character descriptions.

Annie and Mike put much effort into preparing their presentations, and cheerfully, with great good humour, worked the group hard. Everyone got a lot out of it, so much so that Mike and Annie are prepared to run another session, more focussed on practical exercises, to build on the foundations they so skillfully laid (but then they both have psychology training, so we were probably clay in their hands).

We forgot to take a photograph of the workshop, but this slice from Robin’s recording of how various voices could appear probably covers off some of the voices heard on the day!  Sorry, could not work out how to change the crop to more cheerful words. Roz