Becky, with the trophy, pretending to hand it to…….

Becky Edgington, Sybil and Pete Amor’s daughter and one of the judges of our first ever competition, announced the winners at our meeting on St George’s Day, April 23rd.

The first prize went to Annie Cooper, who received the trophy the next day as she was not at the meeting.


………Annie, who actually got it the next morning!

Annie’s entry, The Bridge, was described by the Judges, Becky, Sue Fincham and Kevin Owen, as being by ‘a writer of the highest order’.

Second place went to Ann Stevens, and third to Rosalind Ambler.

We are indebted to the judges, who critiqued all the entries and also gave us some invaluable pointers on how to improve the running of the competition, including ‘Irking the judge is not to be recommended!’  Something we will bear in mind, not least because both Becky and Annie will be on next year’s judging panel.