Simon writes:

There was another successful DWG session at the Crown Centre on Thursday, 19th March. The Group’s decision to run its own workshops instead of relying on outside instructors has paid off. On this occasion eight members of the Group attended an all-day workshop on Dialogue run by Roz Ambler and Liz Light

Workshop 1

“Waddya mean, you want US to run it?”

Attendees were kept hard at it as they worked through exercises designed to show how dialogue could be used to carry a story in various ways. A variety of handouts showed how it can be done, or, in one case, how not to do it.

Workshop 2 Workshop 3 Workshop 5

DWG members have a great talent for enjoying themselves and everyone was in stitches over the funnier pieces. We particularly look forward to hearing about the further adventures of Kate and Richard, with whom Mike had great fun. A more serious challenge was when those attending were asked to cooperate on writing dialogues between characters invented by other members. After a few wrinkled brows appeared everyone got down to it and the results of this interesting exercise showed the wide variety of talents in the group. We all left thinking how much we had got out of the day and looking forward to the next one.