Our DWG e mail address has only been in existence since March, and we do not use it to buy things, participate in forums etc.  Nonetheless, we have received two splendid Spam messages that I feel it is my duty to share with you all.

Firstly for ‘only a little fee’ we can participate in the Barcelona Dance Award 2015 for Dance Schools & Groups.   Dust off your tap shoes, folks, and let’s be off.

Our second very kind offer is from Mrs Juliet Raphael.  She seems to know us quite well, as she addresses us as ‘Dearest One’ but appears to have sent her message to a number of Dearest Ones. As Writers, should we quibble about how can we ALL be dearest?  Anyway, we can have 20% of nine and a half million dollars if we help her get that sum out of Ivory Coast and make arrangements for her to come to England to further her education.  Perhaps we should invite her to our next workshop?